Why is Candy Crush So Addictive?

Why Is Candy Crush So Addictive?

Over the past decade, there has been as steady growth in the mobile gaming industry with countless games now readily available for your devices on the go. With all the competition, Candy Crush Saga remains to be one of the most popular games on the planet with multimillion download records and over 90 million people playing the game daily.

For a game that doesn’t get any easier as it progresses what keeps the players coming back for more is quite literally anyone’s question to answer. Players have been known to get so attached to the game to the point of dependence; otherwise known as addiction.

So Why does Candy Crush Saga get so addictive?

We may not all know the science behind addictions and dopamine; the chemical the brain releases in response to pleasure. Studies have shown that this chemical is constantly produced by the brain as you play the game and win. This causes you to constantly want to experience that feeling and therefore keep crushing candy. Some other reasons why Candy Crush has been known to be addictive include the following;

1. Less is more

Remember Bruce Bogtrotter from the 1996 hit movie Matilda? The chubby little boy loved delicious treats as much as the next little boy did but what happened when Principal Trunchbull punished him to eat a huge chocolate cake? Poor lad struggled all the way to the end despite the fact that he loved cake.

“Candy Crush was designed to give small doses of pleasure”

In line with the infamous saying a little goes a long way, Candy Crush was designed to give small doses of pleasure. With only 5 free lives available for play in any given time, this game keeps making you come back for more once you run out of lives.

The same way Bruce had trouble eating all that cake in one sitting, if Candy Crush came with unlimited lives, players would grow weary of the game after a while and with this in mind, they gave the option to just give a little at a time and leave room to come for more.

2. In-app purchases

In as much as Candy Crush only allows you five full lives at any given time, for free, it provides an option to purchase more. Running out of lives just when you think you can finish a stubborn level can be frustrating and with that in mind, King gives you an option to get yourself more, keeping you playing even longer.

The available boosters for purchase make it even harder to stop playing because with the boosters available in the shop, you can cruise through all levels like an evening ocean breeze and that can be quite addictive to be honest.

3. Instant gratification

As you course through the Candy Crush levels, there are voice prompts that give feedback anytime you make very good moves. Words like tasty, divine, delicious are often used in these occasions. This instant positive feedback gives one a sense of satisfaction and plays on human nature that pushes one to feel good when given positive feedback. This also creates a connection as clearly it is the one place you are guaranteed words of affirmation even if you fail to go through a level.

The soothing music also relaxes you as you receive all those compliments, the words mini-therapy session has been used to describe this and they sound quite sufficient on that front.

4. The social connection

Candy Crush is linked to Facebook and you can see which of your Facebook friends is at what level and how your rank at every level against them. This aspect of the game plays on the competitive human nature. We always want to get ahead even subconsciously. Staying at the top of the leader board inspires a level of pride in a player. This leaves many players engrossed in trying to beat their friends and advance in the levels to stay ahead of the pack.

After all a race is much more fun when you can overtake a few people along the way and it’s even better when you overtake people you actually know, then you can smugly smile at them as you leave them behind!

5. Gifts, gifts and more gifts

Contrary to any previous opinions, everybody loves gifts; big or small. Just receiving something for a reason, or none as in the case of Candy Crush, would make anyone feel appreciated. This game tugs at those strings too.

You get gifts just for opening the game daily on the daily treats calendar, and they increase in number as you approach the end of the week. You get to have a treat on the wheel daily when you spin, guaranteed. You pass a level without losing lives, gifts. Find a treasure chest as you play the levels and it’s a bonanza!

Candy crush gifts players so much sometimes you log on to just play and collect gifts which are often boosters and sometimes lives and this makes it even easier to play.

With that said, Candy Crush is more than just a game. It creates an emotional connection with players and appeals to their human nature. This game is like having an actual friend who motivates you, challenges you and sometimes wants their space also known as come back when you have more lives. True to the instruction, many players often come back.




  2. It is the only video game i can play…if it had a joystick, or whatever you call them now, my brain can’t do three things at one time…


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