Understanding The World of Toy Blast

Understanding the world of Toy Blast

If you are a gaming fanatic with a penchant for puzzle challenges then you will probably love Toy Blast. This game is a toy based puzzle developed by Peak Games. The aim is to help free Amy’s toys so she can play with them. To achieve this, you need to match two or more blocks of the same colour and then they are destroyed. There is however a limited number of moves to use in every level.

The game has different requirements for each level. You may be required to collect a certain colour of toys or sometimes a number of balls.  You can also be tasked with bringing down stuffed animals to the lowest level so they can be freed from the board. There are bubble levels where you need to burst all the bubbles in the level. The difficulty in levels increases as you advance in the game with more blockers and multiple tasks within the same level. For instance, you may be required to remove bubbles while collecting balls, or remove blocks, free blocked stuffed animals and bring them down. Sounds easy but with limited moves this can be an exercise in futility. Ice blockers grow when not hit with every move. The blockers are broken by crushing cubes right next to them.

To make the game even more appealing, there are boosters you can use to help you clear the levels. Some of these include:

  • Rotors – these are created by matching 5 cubes and clear a whole line of cubes vertically or horizontally
  • TNT Box – this is formed by matching 7 cubes. This booster explodes to clear its immediate neighbours.
  • Puzzle cube– which is formed by matching 9 cubes and takes out every cube of that colour when touched.

Whenever you have seven cubes of the same colour in the same place, their surfaces will have a TNT Box –like icon on them, same goes for the rotor and puzzle cube. This works as a guide of sorts to show you the possibility of creating that booster.

Combining boosters is possible to create larger impacts and finish levels faster. Two rotors will clear cubes in the lines they are in vertically and horizontally while the rotor and the TNT Box will create a giant rotor that will take out at least three lines of cubes vertically and horizontally. The puzzle cube and the rotor will create lots of rotors in place of the colour cubes that made the puzzle then clear out the lines, same goes for the TNT Box though instead of clearing lines it will destroy all neighbouring cubes in the different places. Combining two TNT Boxes will create a big explosion while two puzzle boxes will take out everything on the board. The graphics that follow these actions are pretty cool too.

The game can be linked to Facebook to play against and with friends who can help you pass levels and help you get more lives. Linking to Facebook also comes with lots of goodies to match. You can also collect coins upon finishing levels which can help you buy lives whenever you need to which is a good idea because as you advance in the levels, the difficulty increases and you might need to get more lives. If you don’t have these coins, you have the option to buy them using real money from the store. You also get a free gift daily from the daily spin. Collecting stars with each level can also earn you gifts when you clock 20 stars or more.

“Its like having a cheering squad of your own to motivate you”

The idea of limited lives is also good because then you can’t play all the time as that would get boring so fast, the natural breaks keep you coming back for more. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, Amy gives you instant feedback with phrases such as ‘lovely’ and ‘good move’ every time you make major moves that create or combine boosters and this makes it interactive, like having a cheering squad of your own to motivate you.

The game does take a little long to open but once you are in it’s very easy to get hooked to it. Moreover, the game appeals to your inner child with all the toys, bubbles and stuffed animals making it a good way of unwinding. Any gamer, child or adult, that likes these strategic mind games will love this game and the gratification that comes with finishing each challenge.


  1. Oh do I understand the world of Toy Blast? Oh, I think I do! I mean, how could I not when I play Toy Blast for 5-8 hours a day, every day of the week. What could I say, I think Toy Blast for iOS is one of the best mobile games out there!

    • Hello Shawna,
      I am new to the world of Toy Blast. Can you tell me what the combination of boosters do. I know that two cubes together clear the board, but I don’t understand how the rotary work to clear everything in a cross across the board. I can’t find anything on line about it.

  2. When playing in Legends on your daily achievement what are the two yellow arrows going in different directions with the plus sign mean? What combination are they looking for?


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