Top 10 Valuable Candy Crush Tips and Tricks

10 valuable Candy Crush tips and tricks

While Candy Crush Saga is so much fun to play, some levels are quite frustrating to pass and most players always find themselves wanting a cheat sheet to help in such times. There are several tricks one can apply to help them improve their gaming experience. Some of these tricks are as follows:

1. Getting extra lives

This is one of the most common tricks. Exhausting your lives without achieving requirements of a level sometimes leaves one needing more lives to try the level some more.

What to do? To get more lives, exit the app, go to your phone settings and open general settings. Under this, open date and time and switch that to manual. Key in the following day’s date, ok then exit the settings and go back to the home screen. Open your Candy Crush App and voila, 5 full lives. Go back to the settings and re-adjust your time then come back to crush your Candy with your full lives.

It’s important to note that on some phones, you may need to switch off your phone before opening the app, otherwise you may find yourself waiting even longer than you would have had you not tinkered with the time.

2. End of level special candies

In target score levels, timed levels and moves levels, special candies at the end of the level can help you reach your target. This happens especially after you are out of moves or time. Collecting as much special candy as you can on such levels is very beneficial, especially the colour bomb. For some reason when it goes off during sugar crush you might just end up collecting the needed points so sometimes you might want to just have them on the board, untouched, when you run out of time or moves.

3. +5 combos in timed levels

Interestingly, the +5 candies in timed levels are not random. To have more of them, you need to make a move that matches 3 combos or more at one go. So if you trigger 4 cascades you can get more +5 fives coming down, effectively helping you recover more time.

4. Board reset

In some instances, you may not like the arrangement of the candies at the beginning of the level. In this case, you can reset the board without losing lives.

What you do is you touch the red exit icon at the bottom left side of your screen and go back to the level map. On selecting the level again from the map, you get a new board too. This trick only works on mobile applications and not Facebook and it requires that you make no move before resetting otherwise a life will be lost.

5. Stripped candy control

Did you know you can influence the direction of stripped candy? if you line up four candies from left to right and vice versa, you will get horizontal stripes and if you match up four candies from top to bottom and vice versa, you will get vertical stripes.

You can choose the kind of stripes you want depending on how you want to use them. If you can’t get vertical stipes for example to bring down ingredients in a line, you can switch vertical and horizontal stripes targeting that line and achieve the same results.

6. Removing licorice

Licorice blockers can be such a pain to get rid of. It is important to note that you stand a higher chance to remove them with the simple three piece move right next to them than using stripped candy.

Licorice stops stripped candy right in its tracks so save your stripes, target them using wrapped candy and double multi colour bombs to remove them quickly completely.

7. Sugar crush= higher points

If you are competing with your Facebook friends or you just need three starts on each level then sugar crush is your friend. For that reason, finishing levels with a few moves left leaves you in a good position to score higher points thanks to stripped candy bombs or school fish. In some levels however, there are possible glitches that can prevent the game from ending in a very long time like level 252.

8. Hoard your boosters

Candy Crush will gift you boosters a lot of times and sometimes, it is important to not always use them unless you direly need to. This tactic can effectively help you on that rainy day when you’ll have only one jelly left in an inaccessible position to finish the level or when you need the one free switch to collect the last order you need. If anything, not always using boosters means you don’t need to buy them from the store so you save your money too.

9. Remove blockers first

It might seem obvious but all the same getting rid of blockers as fast as possible will help you finish levels much easier. Even if the task is to collect the blockers, like chocolate for instance, taking them out means you get to achieve your target and also create space on the board for you to take out even more blockers and achieve targets. Pay attention to any detached blockers that are isolated, they are usually the most difficult to remove.

10. Purchases are cheaper via Facebook

Playing candy crush via Facebook is much more rewarding. This is because there are more freebies and buying boosters is cheaper as there are irresistible discounts on them. Simply linking the game to your Facebook opens you up to lots of yummy goodies and in candy crush saga those can really sweeten your experience.

“There are more freebies and buying boosters is cheaper on Facebook”

With these few tricks, you can go ahead and cross levels much faster and use your tokens much wiser. Even better, you can now reset your board as many times as you want and not run out of lives so go ye and crush away!


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