Top 10 Hardest Candy Crush Levels

10 Hardest Candy Crush levels

The Hardest Candy Crush Levels From Level 1 to Level 1400

Ever wondered what some of the most complex levels are? Those levels that take more than the first try to accomplish? Well every ardent player has been at that place at a given time and no amount of concentration can usually help in this case save for, well, a few tricks and boosters.

Candy Crush Level 33

This level is among the first challenges in the game. It requires you to get rid of double jellies on a table split into four different parts using 17 moves. To get rid of these without boosters you’d need stripped candy and wrapped candy strategically placed in order to knock out as much jellies as possible in a single move. This can be a daunting task for a novice.

Candy Crush Level 77

This level also requires you to get rid of double jellies in 25 moves. The challenge comes in where the jellies are in a single separate strip in the middle of the board from the rest of the candies and at the right hand side of that strip there are two chocolates separated from the rest of the candies by a locked candy.

To complete this level you’d need to first get rid of the chocolate covering without unlocking the locked candy otherwise the whole strip will be covered in chocolate. A combination of candies such as stripped and wrapped candies positioned to the right will help get rid of the chocolates and unlock the candy. A color bomb paired with stripped or wrapped candy will also clear as much jelly as possible making it possible to complete the level.


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Candy Crush Level 147

This level requires one to remove all the jelly, some of which are covered in meringues that need two extra moves to get rid of. The whole feat should be accomplished in 50 moves. This sounds like a lot of moves until candy bombs that explode in 15 moves start dropping in.

To successfully finish this level without boosters you’d need to have as many combination candies as possible to take out the meringues and then the jellies subsequently. This also improves your chances of removing the candy bombs before they explode.

Candy Crush Level 265

For this level, you will need to get rid of 8 jellies in 35 moves. The twist is that not only are jellies covered in meringues, they are also in the extreme left and right side of the screen and removing the meringues exposes time bombs that explode in 12 moves.

The most difficult jellies to get rid of are the ones at the top because it’s difficult to get combination candies at the very top. This leaves your best combinations to be either two multicolor bombs at the same time or a colored bomb paired with either a stripped or wrapped candy to knock out everything on the table.


Beating Levels Like

Candy Crush Level 478

This level requires you to clear 56 jellies in 40 moves. There are two meringues on either sides of the table, two wrapped candies in marmalade and a cake wheel to remove. Due to very limited space to move the candies your best chance to beat this is to remove the cake wheel. There are 2×2 boxes at the bottom on either side with double jellies in them which are the hardest to access.

Removing the marmalade from the top wrapped candies lets them drop into these boxes and then a combination of stripped candy and color bombs should get them removed. This tactic doesn’t work if you explode the wrapped candies before they drop into the boxes at the bottom. Removing the cake wheel and the jellies in the bottom boxes are the hardest tasks in this level.

Candy Crush Level 833

The objective in this level is to get remove 24 double jellies and reach at least 30,000 points in 45 moves. There are two cake wheels on both sides and a third one at the bottom limiting space and candy bombs that go off in 14 moves ending the game. There are also nine chocolates boxed in by meringues on either side at the bottom end.

Beating this level requires the stripped and wrapped candy bomb to clear out as much chocolates and as many candy bombs as possible. This action can also remove the cake wheels which will then remove everything from the table in one shake.

Candy Crush Level 948

This level requires you to clear 29 double jellies, 8 single jellies and garner 80,000 points in 40 moves. It has several blockers including chocolates boxed in by meringues at each of the 4 corners and others at the center.

To clear this level you need to first clear the center to open up room for movement and prevent the whole board from filling with chocolate and remove the licorice locks. This you can achieve with simple moves or any special candies available to you.

Once you clear the center of blockers it is easy to create more special candy and remove the multilayered meringues and the chocolates in the corners. Failure to remove a single blocker with any single move adds the blockers to the board so focus should be on moves that take out the blockers.

Candy Crush Level 1050

To clear this level you will be required to 31 double layered jellies and score at least 50,500 points in 50 moves. The level has several blockers including meringues, locked candy and chocolate.

You should try to eliminate the blockers at the bottom of the table first to create more room to remove the jellies, especially the chocolates. Getting to the most easily accessible jellies first and creating as many special combinations as possible will make it easier to take out the blockers and subsequently the jellies.


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Candy Crush Level 1142

The objective here is to bring down 4 cherries and achieve at least 40,000 points in 30 moves. The challenge here is to clear the meringues acting as blockers to the ingredients you need to bring down. Clearing the meringues increases space to bring down the cherries.

Another blocker to focus on here is the chocolates locked at the bottom. To remove these you need special candies which you can easily get by freeing the mystery candies which will create bigger effects in the field hence bringing down the cherries. A little more concentration and strategic moves will make this level less daunting.

Candy Crush Level 1378

This level requires you to remove double jellies in 35 moves. It has multilayered meringues and two separate strips of jellies on either side with candy bombs that explode after 15 moves. There’s color bomb at the center of the board surrounded by the meringues.

Your best bet in this level is to create as much special candy as possible to take out the meringues and the candy bombs. After opening up the color bomb, you’d need to create stripped candy to swap it with and create more stripped bombs that will clear as many candies off the board as possible. Opening up space to enable more special candies to be formed would be your best bet in this level. Pay attention to the candy bombs when the board resets and remove as many of them as possible.


There are many more difficult levels in Candy Crush Saga as each player is different, with different concentration and attention span. This makes every player find different levels uniquely challenging and there’s no ultimate cutout. At least every level has been crossed by someone else and so difficulty is very much relative in this case.


What level do you think was the most challenging of them all?


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