10 Signs You Are Addicted to Candy Crush

Signs you are addicted to candy crush

By now, it’s an open secret that Candy Crush can be an addiction, just like drugs or food. We have the neurochemical dopamine to thank for that as it keeps being produced with every level we cross. The thing about addiction is that sometimes we don’t think it can happen to is. This makes the for first sign that you are addicted

1. Denial

Me? Absolutely not! This is usually the very first step of identifying any addiction. If you are constantly trying to prove you are not playing as much Candy Crush as is being insinuated then there you have it.

2. Competitiveness

How do you react when you get on top of the leaderboard? If you shrug and move on, that’s good for you. However, if you fist pump into the air and do a mini happy dance, you are probably more invested than you think you are.

3. Gloating

Imagine meeting a friend whom you know plays Candy Crush too and the first thing you mention is the new level you’ve achieved or worse, you send them a screenshot of your super high score. This is a glaring sign of addiction because it is obviously such a big deal to you.

4. Frustration

This is another sign that you may be in too deep. When you get stuck on a level, you get so worked up you can throw away your phone. My personal favorite is uninstalling the game in place of stomping my feet on the ground. Of course I synchronize my performance with Facebook and will get it all back, point is, it can be very frustrating.

5. Just a few more minutes

This is a familiar place for many Candy Crushers, insisting you’ll get up or go to sleep in the next five minutes and next thing you know you’ve just won or purchased an hour of extra live and self-discipline is not a phrase you are familiar with anymore. Well, news flash…

6. Travel time cheat

Do you find yourself adjusting the time on your phone to a time zone ahead so that it appears like 3 hours just flew by? That is not something you’d do if you were not absolutely invested in the game and you, fellow Candy Crusher, are hooked line and sinker!

7. You can’t separate it from reality

If you find that you live in Candy Land and Tiffi is a friend you can talk to out loud, or the Swedish fish get you so aggravated when they don’t eat the candy with the jelly you end up talking to them, you are unfortunately waist deep. This also applies to getting attached to the strangers on the leaderboard. If you find yourself wondering where one of them dropped off to, you are definitely too invested.

8. Always playing, all the time

If you are constantly crushing candy away, every time all the time, you are probably attached. This also applies to constantly wanting to play even on different gadgets so you can play as much as possible.

9. You clear your schedule to play

At this point you are without a doubt addicted. If you have to push forward on activities and engagements to enjoy your unlimited four hours of lives then by all means accept your situation.

10. You constantly make in-app purchases

How much is too much? If you have to ask this question while buying boosters or lives then you are probably out of the normal range and treading on to addiction. It’s very possible to play and advance without spending any real money so if you are always buying you may not just be a shop-a-holic, you could be addicted.

There could be more signs of Candy Crush addiction than the above mentioned few. If for some reason I missed your telltale sign, that doesn’t mean it’s not there, if anything refer to the first sign and check where applicable!


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