8 Ways To Kick Your Candy Crush Addiction

8 ways to kick your Candy Crush addiction

It’s no secret by now that Candy Crush Saga can be an addiction as dangerous as any other. Many players have found themselves in ugly situations thanks to their desire to play more, score higher and advance in levels. The cost of this can be financial woes thanks to in-app purchases, broken relationships because of neglecting loved ones to play and worse still, bodily harm resulting from the lack of concentration on roads for instance. All these have been reported to have happened to a player at one point in time.

It is however to kick this addiction just like all other addictions with dedication and lots of self discipline. Moreover, just like any other addiction, the first step to kicking the habit is to accept it is a problem and be willing to try and change that. There are several ways to achieve this and they include:

1. Do not make in-app purchases

The desire to play longer will always be there and with the ability to buy unlimited lives the temptation gets even higher. What if you took a minute and looked at your bank statement and saw all the monies you spend on Candy Crush summed up? I bet that would probably shock you and what if you used that money on other expenses?

If you don’t make purchases then you don’t get extra lives and boosters and so the difficulty level becomes higher thus pacing your play. In addition, you get to save money and build a better credit score.

2. Time yourself

Instead of getting unlimited lives, what if you just played with the unlimited available lives, and maybe just once or twice every day? Your play time would of course be greatly reduced. You can even set a time to just play while on commute back and forth only, or during stipulated breaks, that way you play less and get other things done.

Again self discipline really comes in handy here as no one would police your play time.

3. Replace the addiction with another involving hobby

What if instead of watching TV idly on the couch with your phone you went swimming or cycling? What if you once loved to read or even knit?

You can take up another hobby that will keep you involved so you don’t feel the downtime of waiting for your lives to fill up so you can play your next set of lives, even worse buy them. There are lots of fun activities that can be less addictive, take your pick, just get involved.

4. Track yourself, Reward yourself

A good way to remain disciplined at something is by keeping track of your progress. For everyday you play just the stipulated time and don’t buy lives and boosters, you can earn a star. At the end of every week, if you have all stars, you will not only have the satisfaction of having successfully won over the desire to keep playing over and over, but also you can treat yourself to something you have been eyeing since the week began, something in the real world, not in candy crush.

You will still get the gratification that comes with getting gifts from candy crush, only these gifts will be real and meaningful.

5. Get a life, literally

Remember Joe, your friend from down the block? Or Mary from back in school or back at the office, this would be a good time to reconnect with your life, both family and friends. Schedule coffee dates or just movies with them, no gadgets allowed. Talk to them, make new friends, build a better network, go on more dates. The worst that could happen is that you might actually have fun, fun away from swiping candy.

6. Get a sponsor

If you are having a hard time disciplining yourself and tracking yourself, get a sponsor. How, you’d ask. Try that friend that has always been trying to get you to quit, ask them to help keep you on your toes as you pursue your Candy Crush addiction free life. They will probably be glad to help since that means they’d be getting their friend back. No man is an island anyway and you need all the help you can get, getting someone to help will actually bring in more accountability.

7. Get a cheat sheet

Regardless of how much you love something, knowing how it goes at every turn takes out the fun in it. If you get all the cheat sheets such that you breeze past all the levels without difficulty, your interest in the game may be diminished, after all, it’s the win that comes after a challenge that is more gratifying.

8. Delete the app

When all else fails, get rid of the app completely. This is not going to be easy but it is a drastic last resort for someone who has really tried any other ways and failed at every turn. Getting rid of the app will get you anxious at first but after a while you get used to it. The mind moves on to other things after a while and that is the whole point. This will be a good time to fill your idle time with other activities.

At the end of trying one or several combinations of these activities, it is highly probable you will have reduced the amount of time you play significantly. You might even lose interest completely and get back your life. The very first times will be difficult but the improved credit score, relationships and career will be ultimately rewarding. Remember once you make that decision you are already on half-way there,


  1. Haha yeah, I played far too much at one point. But then I realised it was a super awesome way to kill some time and unwind so now I play more candy crush and Diamond Diaries then ever before!

    At one point I deleted the candy crush app from my iphone but about 3h later I changed my heart and downloaded it again. Well, everything in life can’t be super productive so each to her own I guess!



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