10 Unexpected Facts about Candy Crush

10 unexpected facts about Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is undoubtedly one of the most successful games in the gaming industry. The game has become an unexpected fad among players earning the developers tons of money despite being available for download for free. With this kind of craze comes lots of interesting facts. Some of these facts include:

It’s a Worldwide Cult

It has a cultic following worldwide. It is estimated that 93 million people were playing the game in 2014, the number is believed to have more than 300 million currently which is almost as many players as there are people in the United States. Going by the index of the most populated countries, only China and India have more people than Candy Crush nation which is impressive.

The Most Popular Time to Play

The most popular times to play the game have been said to be between 8pm and 10pm with a spike in activity on Thursdays and Sunday. This goes to show that more people play when relaxing after a long day. People have also been known to play during commutes.

Mostly Hong Kong Players

Hong Kong has been noted to have the highest number of players in the world. It is reported to have totalled 19,023,174 downloads by 2014. One in seven people in Hong Kong is reportedly a player. This number is probably much higher today.

The History of the Mysterious Tiffy Toffee

Tiffi Toffee, the little girl that plays in the meadows and mountains in the game was found in a packet of candy by her guardian Mr. Toffee and that is said to have been the best day of his life. She has since lived with him and he teaches her everything about candy. Her name Tiffi is short for Toffette.

The Voice of Mr. Toffee

Contrary to popular opinion, Mr. Toffee’s feedback voice is not automated. King conducted a search for the voice over and out of the 4 options shortlisted from online submissions, they picked the one. Unfortunately they have adamantly refused to reveal the artist behind the voice, bummer!

..With a French Accent

Still on the voice feedback, the first version of it had a heavy French accent until King received feedback from players who hated it and so they had to come up with something else, something more modest and deeper; something divine.

There is Always Someone Listening

There is a dedicated part of the game’s development team that follows player’s comments and feedback on Facebook. This enables them to input feedback into the game so comment and complain away, someone IS listening. On that feedback tip, there are enough tweets on Candy Crush recorded that are enough to be written into 45,000 novels.

Your Life might be on Stake

Candy crush has been reported to have caused injury before. A man in California was hospitalized for tearing a tendon in his thumb after playing for 6-8 weeks straights determined to finish as many levels as possible. Surprisingly he did not notice the pain until much later proving that the game can get you hooked so much it numbs out feeling. Oops!

The Reality is Shifting

The candy has become real. With its popularity, there has been merchandise for fans such as candy coloured socks, t-shirts and even candy in itself to give fans a taste of the candy they love in real life.

Most Female Players ..and maybee 1% are not human?

While it’s been recorded that 90% of players are above the age of 21, 60% of them are female while 39% percent are male. There is an unaccounted 1% of players whose gender is unspecified so should they introduce captcha challenges to prove player’s are human? Your guess is as good as mine.

There are even more interesting facts about Candy Crush out there, and as a bonus, over half a million years in Candy Crush years have been played up to date by all the players worldwide. This was arrived at by calculating the amount of time played by each player.

Even more interesting, there are levels that have bugs that allow players to get insanely high points after removing all blockers. A good example is level 252 where the sugar crush can go on infinitely up to 20 million points or more, curiously interesting, right?



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