10 Important Life Lessons from Candy Crush

Important life lessons from Candy Crush

A few years ago I asked a random friend for Candy Crush lives and they nearly chewed my head off talking about how I should get an actual life instead, after all what does one gain from that game, they added. In their defense, I had woken them up in the wee hours of the morning and nobody likes to be woken up as it is.

That conversation may have ended that morning but I was left wondering what I was gaining from this game. Sometimes you may not even notice but you get to pick up a few tit bits here and there that can apply to other aspects of life successfully. Some of the life hacks you can get from Candy Crush are;

Life Lesson no 1. Patience

This is the first important lesson you can pick up from this game. From having to move from level to level and waiting for lives to fill up, it’s all about being patient. Think about Candy Crush minutes and microwave minutes! It may take some effort to finish up certain levels but in the end, once you clear them, it’s even more satisfactory. Same thing goes for other important things in life which may not always be easy to get through but with a little patience they all fall into place.

Life Lesson no 2. It’s ok to lose

The second lesson I’ve picked up from Candy Crush is that it is ok to lose sometimes. Especially when you run out of moves with only one jelly left on the board, then you know you gave it your best and it is ok. You get to try each level as often as you need to get it right, as long as you keep trying and not accept defeat. In the same vein, losing is not always the last nail to the proverbial coffin; you can still try as many times as you want.

Life Lesson no 3. Plan ahead

Another valuable tit bit you can pick up from candy crush is that planning plays an important factor in the successful completion of any task. Just going into tasks with a clear strategy knowing that a few systematic activities will get you the desired results gives you the confidence you’ll need to go about your activities.

“Eat your frog first thing in the morning”

Life Lesson no 4. Prioritizing the most difficult tasks

Eat your frog first thing in the morning. That is a mantra that I try to live by that Candy Crush has reinforced as a lesson. It simply means to tackle the most difficult tasks you may have first. Just like in the game, getting rid of blockers first makes it easier to complete levels even faster.

Life Lesson no 5. Setting achievable goals

This is another lesson one can get from Candy Crush. The first thing you do when you get to a new Candy Crush level is to check what the targets of the game are. Usually it requires you to achieve a certain outcome with a certain number of moves and get at least a particular number of points to qualify the level as complete. Checking off these targets makes the game not only fun to play but also gives the motivation to keep going.

“Keep doing well and improving on what you do”

Life Lesson no 6. Always giving your best

Being the best you can be in any scenario is also a nugget to carry from this game. Completing levels with three stars or the golden crown for finishing a level at the first attempt brings on such feelings of pride! The same way, achieving excellence in real life or at the first try motivates you to keep doing well and improving on what you do.

Life Lesson no 7. Time is valuable; live it up

Picture a timed level of Candy Crush, the ones that need you to gather as many points in 30 seconds, for instance. That is an awfully short time. It can even get shorter with the addition of candy bombs so what do you do? You do as much as you can! These are the only levels where there should not be idle thinking time because in that time seconds are running down. You are safer making even the simplest moves as you plot your special combinations, essentially just doing everything possible.

“Boosters might get you further along”

Life Lesson no 8. No man is an island; we all can use help sometimes.

That feeling when a Candy buddy sends you lives is, as in the game, divine. Just knowing that you can get help for the difficult levels is very cool. You could end up making the best of friends that way. In addition, you get to understand that it’s ok to need help, even in the form of boosters. What you have may only get you so far, boosters may get you further along.

Life Lesson no 9. Save up for a rainy day

You are probably wondering, how? Well a tidy trick that has always worked for me is to save up on my boosters. This especially goes for the free switch, the lollipop hammer and the party booster which can help you finish a difficult level with a single move made at the right time. This is a good reminder to not always use up all your resources particularly when you can easily succeed without using them.

Life Lesson no 10. If things don’t go your way, adjust, retry

Time and again you find you have a color bomb on the board and you want to swap it with special candy to make an even bigger combination that would clear a level for you. Next thing you know the mixer covers it in chocolate or you end up making wrapped candy that explodes as soon as you make it, triggering your color bomb! That is one frustrating turn of events for you and you’ll need to strategize again after that. The same thing happens in our daily lives, unexpected situations get in the way of our plans all the time. They don’t stop us from achieving our goals; instead we keep going until we get to the desired outcome.

Wrapping it all up

If you think about it, there are probably more lessons in this simple game if you look beyond matching candy. My all-time favorite, however, is that it’s never that serious. That’s the only way I survive levels that take me longer to clear; I go about them without stressing too much and next thing I know Tiffi is dancing as I get my three star rating and raise my standing on the leaderboard. I did get the extra lives that early morning; goes to prove that persistence being key!


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